Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have more questions regarding our beekeeping classes.

This year we offer a beekeeping for beginners in a bootcamp format – an intensive training on ZOOM (as it is a convenient way for everyone who wants to participate ) and the hands-on workshop at our educational apiary (The Nuc Installation and Next Steps).

It is a course packed with an information which will help you to become a successful beekeeper. You are going to learn useful tips, and the newest information about honey bees and beekeeping.

Our online classes via Zoom were very successful for last few years.  Our every  ZOOM course is a live training where participants can interact and ask questions. 

At our educational apiary we offer several workshops, like the hands-on workshop which is an additional part of our training for beginners (The Nuc Installation and Next Steps), the introductory level course, and workshops of various level of beekeeping knowledge.

This year we have a new, exciting offer: Natural Beekeeping for Beginners series (Five courses/hands-on workshops through the season).

Our class schedule for the 2023 season

Beginners Class
Beekeeping – How to Start: Jan 28th, Feb 25th, Nov 18th
Beekeeping Bootcamp for Beginners: (Mar 4th p 1, Mar 11th p 2), (Apr 12th p 1, Apr 19th p 2),
Nuc Installation and Next Steps, hands-on workshop for Bootcamp participants only: May 27th,
Beekeeping Introductory Workshop : May 13th, Jun 3rd, Jun 24th
Hive Maintenance During Your First Year : Jun 17th,
Fall Hive Assessment: Sep 2nd
Winter Preparations: Oct 14th
Advanced Class
Sustainable Beekeeping: March 18th and 25th (part 1 & 2} Making Splits and Nucs,: June 10th Making Nucs, Hands-on: June 11th
Field trip
Field Trip to our Educational Apiary June 24th, July 15th
Other Classes
Bees and Flowers (Pollinator friendly garden) : March 29th

Bee yard field trip