Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have more questions regarding our beekeeping classes.  The main part of the class for beginners will be via ZOOM for everyone to be able to participate during covid restrictions time.  We will switch to in-person class at the moment when regulations about indoor gathering will allow everybody to participate.

Our online classes via Zoom were very successful for last few years. It was a live training where participants could interact and ask questions. 

The hands-on classes (additional part of our training for beginners) and introductory level classes will take place at our educational apiary, outdoors.

Our class schedule for the 2022 season

Beginners Class
Beekeeping for Beginners Class Feb 5th and Feb 12th (part 1 & 2) Feb 26th and March 5th (part 1 & 2) April 7th and April 9th (part 1 &2) Apr 27th and May 4th (part 1 & 2) Hive Maintenance During Your First Year June 25th Winter preparations  September 17th
Advanced Class
Sustainable Beekeeping: March 23rd and 30th (part 1 & 2} Splits, Nucs, Swarm Boxes: May 14th Making Nucs – Hands-on: May 15th
Field trip
Hands-on beginners, interactive: June 4th Introductory class: June 11th, June 18th, June 26th
Other Classes
Bees and Flowers (Pollinator friendly garden) : Feb 27th

Bee yard field trip