Making Splits and Nucs

For Advanced Beekeepers only. You MUST have a minimum of 1 year of hands-on, active beekeeping experience to take this course.

June 10th
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Length: 4 hours.
Price $110

At our educational apiary
The Living Centre,  5871 Bells Rd, London
Space is limited.

This workshop is a combination of an open beehive demonstration and theory of doing a split using few different methods.  You will learn how to recognize an age of open brood to ensure that split has young enough larvae to make a new queen. We will discuss various methods of splitting a beehive; their pros and cons.  We will also look at benefits of making nucs and using swarm boxes.
A good knowledge of beekeeping and terminology is expected from participants. You need to have at least one season of active beekeeping experience prior to attending.

Please bring your own veil (a must). A bee jacket or a bee suit is also welcomed, if you feel more comfortable that way. We will be working bees without gloves.  Please do not bring your hive tool.  Water bottles are recommended. A notebook and a pencil could be handy.

Course must be prepaid to reserve your spot. Sign up now before you miss out. Refunds are 50%. If you cancel, it has to be done 48h the latest before start of the class to receive the refund. No refunds, if you are a no show.


Double nucs
Double nucs
A bee trap
An empty swarm box waiting to be discovered