Sustainable beekeeping – ecological, natural approach

Online interactive course on zoom

For Advanced Beekeepers. One year hands-on experience minimum.

March 18th, 10:00 am1:00 pm, part 1
March 25th, 10:00 am1:00 pm, part 2
Questions &Answers till 1:30 pm.

Length: Two classes. Three hours each
Price: $120 for six hour course

In this class we will focus on the natural, sustainable beekeeping approach.

Basic knowledge of beekeeping is expected from participants. You need to have at least one season of beekeeping experience prior to attending. There will be no time to answer basic questions, only advanced ones. The knowledge of beekeeping terminology will be expected.

You will be learning about:

    • What is a sustainable, natural beekeeping
    • Immune system of a single bee and a colony and why it is important
    • Ways to boost colony’s immune system and resilience
    • Honey bee nutrition; understanding its importance
    • Basics about splits (We have a separate, more advanced class about this subject)
    • How to get a queen the natural way on a small scale
    • Swarming – recognizing the signs and what you can do about that
    • An early spring new colony in a sustainable way
    • Winterizing – group discussion about various approaches
    • Pests and diseases: biology and identification – understanding the problem

In this class there will be also time for sharing our individual experiences about specific subjects.

Course must be prepaid to reserve your spot.  Limited space is available. Sign up now before you miss out. Refunds are 50%. If you cancel, it has to be done 48h the latest, before start of the class to receive the refund. No refunds, if you are a no show.

Attention: We do not teach a commercial, big scale beekeeping, but an approach presented in this class can be used on a bigger scale too. The best example is a well known, natural beekeeper Michael Bush.


A virgin queen on a newly made comb
A virgin queen on a newly made comb
Festooning - a comb in the making
Festooning – a comb in the making