Advanced class

Sustainable beekeeping – one day class (As requested by participants)

For Advanced Beekeepers

April 27th
10:00 am – 5:00 pm (6 hour class with one hour lunch brake)
129 Wellington St, London, ON
Across Languages building, lower level, entrance at the back.
Class must be prepaid to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.

This class is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and training videos with the focus on natural beekeeping approach.

There will be a complimentary coffee, tea, and munchies. Also, the microwave will be available, if you plan to bring a lunch.
Length: 6 hours
Price: $80

Class Payment

A basic knowledge of beekeeping is expected from participants. You need to have at least one season of beekeeping experience prior to attending. There will be no time to answer basic questions.

You will be learning  about:

    • What sustainable beekeeping is
    • Immune system of a single bee and a colony and why it is important
    • Ways to boost colony’s immune system and resilience
    • Honey bee nutrition; understanding its importance
    • Winterizing – different methods
    • Basics about splits
    • How to get a queen the natural way
    • Solution to an early spring new colony
    • Pests and diseases: biology and identification – understanding the problem
      In this class there will be also time for sharing our individual experiences about specific subjects. 

      Double nucs
      Double nucs

      Wax moth larvae in an empty hive stay together
      Nest of wax moth larvae in an empty hive